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Make Almost Everything In Your Home

New Concrete Company And Need To Demolish A Building? 3 Types Of Demolition Methods

Leonard Campbell

If you have a new concrete company and need to demolish a building, there are different types of demolition methods a demolition company will use. What the company chooses will depend on things like the environment where they will be demolishing the building and the size of the building. Below is more information about this so you can get started.

Pressure Bursting Demolition Method

If the building that needs to be demolished is in a dust-free and quiet area, the company may use the pressure bursting method. With this method, they use a splitting machine that operates on hydraulic pressure, which is known as chemical bursting, or by inserting an expansive slurry into a pattern of boreholes, which is known as mechanical bursting.

No matter what type of splitting machine is used, the concrete cracks in small sections with less noise and no flying debris. Once the concrete is split, it can be removed by a crane or by hand if the building is small.

If the company chooses chemical bursting, it is more expensive when compared to mechanical bursting. Mechanical bursting is also harder to control the crack direction. With chemical bursting, it is easy to split the concrete in a controlled manner.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Breakers

This type of demolition method is generally used for demolishing pavement, foundations, and bridge decks. Boom mounted or hand-held hydraulic and pneumatic breakers are the most used tools when doing this type of demolition.

How quickly the building can be demolished using this method depends on the size of the hammer used and how much reinforcing steel is used in the concrete. Both breakers generally use a remote control and can do underwater demolitions.

This method is much noisier when compared to pressure bursting, as well as creates more dust during the process.

Ball and Crane

If the building being demolished is a concrete and masonry structures, then the ball and crane method would work well. This method is frequently used when demolishing large, tall buildings. Wrecking balls general weigh between 1,000 and 12,000 pounds and are made of steel. The weight chosen depends on the size and age of the building. For example, old buildings will likely not be as structurally sound as new buildings, which would make them easier to demolish.

During the demolition process, the crane either drops the wrecking ball on top of the building or swings the ball into the building.

Talk with a demolition company and they can give you much more information about these different methods, as well as concrete salvage.


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