Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

3 Ways To Save On A Renovation Of A Flip House

Leonard Campbell

One of the reasons that people end up losing money on a flip is that they get carried away. The idea behind a flip is to buy the property, remodel it, and sell it quickly for a profit. If you are planning to remodel a home, here are a few ways you can save on the cost of the remodeling.  

Rent a Dumpster 

If you are using a contractor, chances are he or she is planning to charge you for waste removal for the debris that is taken out of the flip house. It might seem logical to just pay the fee, but if you rent your own dumpster, you will likely save money. The money can be put into another project that needs to be done in the house.  

Even if you are doing most of the work yourself, you need the dumpster. Some cities charge a fee for each time waste is brought to the landfill. With a dumpster, you can fill it up and the rental company will haul it away for one fee. You do not have to eat away at your budget just to demo the interior of the home.  Visit a site like for more information.

Hire Moonlighters 

Working with a contractor can quickly eat into your budget. However, working with moonlighters could potentially help you save money. Moonlighters, such as roofers and carpenters, who work with the contractors sometimes make money outside of their normal business hours by doing extra work on the side.  

The moonlighters often work for far less because they do not have the same contractual obligations and constraints that a contractor would. However, they still provide the same quality of work and a lower cost.  

Look for Discontinued Materials 

A common misconception about discontinued materials is that they are no longer any good. The reality is that the items are simply not manufactured any longer. This is not a reflection on the products themselves. You can save money by scouring the home improvement stores in your area for discontinued items.  

You should also look for items that have been labeled as overstocked. You can likely negotiate with the manager for a lower price. The manager needs those items to be sold off so that the store can stock newer merchandise. By giving you a discount on those items, the manager is not only helping you, but also helping the store.  

Take the time to analyze every aspect of your flip to determine if there are other ways you can save. 


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