Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Update The Look Of Your Fireplace With A Concrete Finish

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Having an old outdated fireplace in your home can make it difficult to sell it because it serves as an eyesore when someone walks into the house. Updating the look of your fireplace does not have to cost you a lot of money though. If you want to make an old brick fireplace look new and unique, consider using concrete to completely refinish it. The guide below walks you through the process of refinishing your brick fireplace with concrete.

Remove Loose or Broken Pieces from the Fireplace

Before you can update the fireplace, you need to remove any damaged areas. This ensures that you are able to create the smoothest finish possible when everything is said and done. Use a vacuum to vacuum away any crumbling brick or mortar before you start to refinish the fireplace.

Mix the Ready-Mix Concrete

Purchase a bag of ready-mix concrete at a hardware store and mix it according to the directions on the bag in a large contractor bucket. This allows you to easily move the concrete around as needed when you start refinishing the fireplace. Be sure to lay large drop cloths around the fireplace so that you do not get concrete on the floor accidentally.

Apply the Concrete to the Fireplace

Use a large trowel to apply the concrete to the fireplace. You want to be sure that you apply a thick layer of concrete that is evenly spread. This will give the fireplace a finished look and ensure that no one can see the brick facing when you are finished.

Add Texture to the Concrete

Once the concrete has been spread, use a coarse brush over the entire surface of the fireplace. This will give the concrete texture and hide any imperfections that may be on the surface. You want to lightly go over the concrete because you do not want to make dents in the surface by brushing too hard.

Allow the Concrete to Harden

It is important to let the concrete harden fully before you place anything on the surface of the fireplace. It could take a few days for the concrete to fully harden depending on the temperature and humidity levels where you live. You can tell if the concrete has fully hardened if no impression is left when you press on the concrete. Test in multiple locations before placing anything on the fireplace.

Once the concrete has hardened, your fireplace will have a unique, modern look to it. You can then choose to paint the concrete or leave it the color it is when it finishes hardening.

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