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Make Almost Everything In Your Home

6 Mistakes To Avoid To Maintain A Drill Operation And Prevent Downtime

Leonard Campbell

You can only profit from your investment in a pipeline if your drilling operation is maintained and doesn't suffer from downtime that cuts into your profits.

If you're using directional drilling to keep your pipeline supplied, you need to avoid the following nine mistakes to prevent malfunctions in your drilling operation from reducing the productivity of your pipeline:

Failing to use an adequate amount of drilling fluid during operation

One of the biggest causes of downtime is excess wear on mechanical parts that leads to premature malfunctions. You can prevent wear by using drilling fluid and supplying it as often as recommended by the manufacturer of your drilling equipment. 

Not rotating the drill pipe when necessary

To avoid premature wear on drill parts, you can rotate your directional drill along the entire length of the drill string on a regular basis. This will both prevent downtime and extend the life of drill parts.

Using a water source that doesn't offer a quality makeup

You need to pay just as much attention to your water source as you're paying to your selection of drilling fluid. A water makeup that contains an excessive amount of sediments and loose pebbles/rocks will wear out mechanical parts of your drilling equipment.

Ideally, you should not only put a lot of care in your water source, but also include a strainer on your tank to prevent debris from getting into water that's coming into contact with the mechanical parts of your directional drilling equipment.

Being unfamiliar with ground conditions during operation

If ground conditions become to firm or hazardous for the equipment you're using, your equipment can be expected to malfunction eventually. Performing a careful analysis of ground conditions can allow you to select the optimal equipment for the environment in which you're working.

Using worn drill bits

Despite any precautions you take, your drill bits will eventually wear down and lose their effectiveness. Other mechanical parts will be more likely to wear out quickly and malfunctioning if you're operating with worn drill bits.

Performing a regular inspection of drill bits is the only way to ensure that they are replaced promptly when necessary. 

Failing to provide adequate protection for threads

There are a few options you can choose from when deciding how to protect your threads so that you minimize wear over time. You can opt for a thread cap or even tape that can be placed over threads to minimize or eliminate gouging during operation. 

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