Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Answering Basic Concerns About Concrete Slab Lifting Services

Leonard Campbell

Concrete is a material that is commonly used in a variety of building projects. Unfortunately, concrete slabs can be prone to encountering potentially serious problems that will need to be addressed if the structural integrity of the concrete slab is to be protected. In particular, concrete lifting is a procedure that individuals often need to have done to their property.

Why Would A Concrete Slab Need To Be Lifted?

One of the more common problems that poured concrete can encounter is sagging or sinking. These issues arise due to the soil under the concrete being unable to support the weight of the slab. If this problem is not addressed fairly promptly, you may find that the concrete starts to crack, buckle or develop pot holes. While you may think that replacing the concrete is the only option for this issue, lifting can help to raise and support the concrete. This type of repair can be particularly valuable when it comes to issues with a building's foundation. Without lifting and supporting the concrete slab foundation, the entire structure may eventually collapse as the damage worsens.

What Is Involved With This Process?

The process of lifting concrete may seem like it will be very damaging to it. However, it is possible for an experienced professional to safely lift a large slab or concrete without damaging it. This is done by placing powerful jacks under the concrete. These jacks will gradually raise the slab until it is to the desired levels. To prevent it from collapsing once the jacks are removed, supportive beams will be placed under the concrete so that the weight of the slab will be more spread out over the soil. This simple step can greatly improve the stability of your concrete.

Can Any Concrete Slab Be Lifted?

Some individuals will assume that any concrete slab that is sagging or otherwise sinking into the soil can be lifted. While many instances of the damage can be corrected, there may be instances where the damage to the concrete slab was too extensive for this repair to be a viable option. In these situations, the concrete slab will be far too weak to withstand being raised. To help ensure that you can use this potential repair option, you should have a professional company, like T. Luckey Sons, Inc., examine the damage whenever you notice areas of concrete starting to sag or sink so that repairs can be made before the damage becomes too severe for repair.


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