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Three Mistakes You Need To Avoid When You're Deicing Your Industrial Equipment

Leonard Campbell

Deicing is an important issue to be aware of at any industrial operation that occurs at particularly low temperatures. 

When industrial equipment operates at low temperatures, it tends to wear out more quickly and require more frequent maintenance. Worn out equipment can also detract from a facility's productivity. Unfortunately, many industrial plant managers are unaware of the common mistakes that lead to equipment malfunctions and premature wear.

The following are three important deicing mistakes that it's important to avoid to keep your equipment functioning optimally as long as possible:

Letting ice build up on metal equipment parts

One of the most important parts of equipment you need to pay attention to when it comes to freezing up and icing is metal components. 

Over time, ice can build up on metal components that operate at low temperatures. This can make it more difficult for metal mechanisms to move. It can also cause premature corrosion of parts.

In order to prevent metal components from freezing up, it's important to regularly spray a deicing agent on these moving parts to prevent ice buildup. It's even necessary to spray a deicing agent on metal components when equipment is not in use because over time ice will build up on equipment that's sitting and will be difficult to break off. 

Allowing rubber seals to become excessively dry

In addition to metal components, rubber seals are also particularly susceptible to problems that develop due to freezing conditions. Rubber seals that freeze up frequently and for long periods of time will eventually become brittle and dry, and this will detract from their operation.

As the problem worsens, rubber seals can develop cracks and they may not perform properly any longer. Wiping down rubber seals at the end of the day after the equipment has been used can help them to stay properly cleaned and prevent them from accumulating salt and other materials that cause them to dry out over time.

Neglecting to familiarize yourself with the appropriateness of various types of industrial deicers

It's important to familiarize yourself with what deicers are available and which ones are best suited to your equipment. A chemical deicer is typically a good choice because it is easy to use and comes in a liquid form that you can spray on equipment with a handheld sprayer. 

However, before you choose any chemical deicer you need to look into how it will interact with the materials that make up your equipment. Make sure that your deicer will not be caustic to your equipment surfaces. 

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