Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Learn How To Have A Crane Company Help You Create A Rock Waterfall Next To A Client's Pool

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As a landscaper, there will be times when you will need to hire people to help you create the magnificent yards you plan to create. A great example is when you want to create a waterfall next to a pool for a client. Positioning the rocks requires you to be able to lift and place them perfectly so that they are secure and create the natural look you want. Hiring a crane service company to help you create the waterfall will be the best option. The guide below walks you through the things the crane company will need to know to ensure that they can provide you with the services that you need.

Determine How Much the Rocks Weigh

The first thing the company will need to know is how much the rocks weigh. Cranes are designed to be able to lift a specific amount and if the crane company sends a crane that is specified to lift less than what the rocks weigh, it could cost time and money. Crane operators are trained to not lift weight that is in excess of the specified amount for the crane to ensure that they operate in the safest manner possible at all times.

Consider How Wide the Rocks Are

When lifting heavy rocks, there are a few different options available for securing the rocks. The crane operators need to know how wide the rocks are so that they can bring straps that are wide enough to wrap around the rocks and secure them properly. This ensures that the rocks can be placed exactly where and how you want them placed so that they create the look you need them to create.

Consider the Layout of the Yard

The crane operator needs to be able to be located close to the pool in order to move the rocks safely. Consider how the crane can get to the pool easily. If the homeowner has a fence that surrounds the perimeter of their yard, a portion of it will need to be taken down temporarily so that the crane operator can get where he or she needs to get in order to do their job.

Be sure that you are present when the rocks are being moved. The operator will not be able to see the rocks are positioned within the cab of the crane so you will need to guide them to let them know how to maneuver the rocks so they are perfectly placed when everything is said and done.


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