Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Three Ways To Purchase Military Cable For Your Electrical Needs

Leonard Campbell

Military cable is wiring of a superior grade. It is even better than industrial grade, as the military grade of any product has to keep soldiers safe from all harm. If you want to replace all of the wiring and cables in your industrial plant with military cable, but you are not sure where to buy it, try one of the following ways. 

Contact a Military Contractor

Military contractors may have some cabling on hand, or they may know exactly where and how to get it. Then you can buy it from the contractor. Additionally, if the military contractor does electrical work, you could hire him or her to install the military cable in place of the cabling and wiring your plant currently has.

Check with a Military Surplus Store

This is a hit-or-miss opportunity, since military surplus stores sell all kinds of bizarre surplus items. No one who operates the stores ever quite knows what kinds of inventory they will receive from the branches of the military either. They could have military cabling and wires one day, and none the next. Still, it helps to check with these stores, as you could get the cabling and wires quite cheap.

Talk to the Government Directly

This will require more than a few phone calls, since there are sub-departments within each branch of the military that handle supply requests for special government materials. Thankfully, you might be able to get the name and contact info for another branch of the military by making contact with one branch. That helps to cut down on the number of telephone calls you will need to make to track down all of the military cabling and wires you need to overhaul the electrical wiring in your plant.

If there is a military base near you, start there. They will have an electrical department. You want to talk to the head of the electrical department at that military base, or talk to the purchasing agent. Either/or will know how and where you can buy these particular military-grade supplies, and in the quantities you need. If you cannot pick up enough supplies from the base, you will at least know who is next in line to contact to get some more. If your plant produces something the military can use, perhaps you can strike up a deal or secure a government contract to get the military cabling.


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