Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Does Your Industrial Complex Contain Steel Storage Tanks? Safety Tips To Protect Your Employees And The Community

Leonard Campbell

If you run an industrial complex that includes storage tanks made by steel fabricators, you need more than the basic safety precautions, especially if your tanks contain hazardous materials. Without the proper safety precautions, your employees are at risk, and so are those who live and work around your complex. Luckily, a bit of diligence can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of your employees and the community. Here are three important steps you can take to ensure the protection of those who are depending on you.

Secure the Location

When it comes to your steel fabricated storage tanks, the most important step you can take is to secure the location. It's not enough to merely put a fence up around the complex. You've got to also ensure that each tank is secure. You might not realize this, but tanks can be significantly damaged if not properly secured. First, accidents can occur that will damage the tanks, such as employees running into them with vehicles. Impact accidents can puncture the tanks, which can lead to leaks. Second, without proper security, trespassers can access the property and damage the tanks. Worse, they may try to access the tanks, causing injury to themselves and others. When you have storage tanks on your premises, make a secure location your first line of defense.

Ensure Proper Training

When you're responsible for the safety of your employees, and the security of your storage tanks, you've got to ensure proper training. Be sure that each new hire receives proper training before they come in contact with the storage tanks. Also, it's important that you provide routine refresher courses to ensure that your employees remember the necessary safety precautions. Training should include the proper use of safety equipment such as face masks and respirators. It's also important that you maintain a "no smoking" policy on your property, especially if you're storing hazardous or flammable liquids in your storage tanks.

Provide Routine Inspections

If you've got steel fabricated storage tanks on your premises, you need to provide routine inspections, whether they contain hazardous materials or plain water. Water can also pose a serious threat to human life if it forcefully rushes from a containment tank. Make it a habit to inspect your tanks at least once a week. Look for signs of damage, such as leaks, dents, or other issues that could pose a risk. If you identify potential risks, be sure to have them addressed immediately.


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