Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Why Are Powder-Coated Bicycles A Good Thing?

Leonard Campbell

When you buy a bicycle, especially if you are serious about using that bicycle quite a bit, you will be looking at all of the different features each model boasts to try and make the best decision about which one you buy. One of the features you are bound to come across on some higher-end bicycle models is a powder-coated finish. Powder-coated finishes are industry standard on a lot of metal items, but most people do not know a lot about this type of finish or why it is a good thing, even where bicycles are concerned. If you are planning to buy a bicycle, check out these reasons why it is a good thing if it has a powder coating. 

Powder coating makes your bicycle less susceptible to corrosion. 

Bicycles are made from metal frames, and sometimes, those metal frames are not all that resistant to corrosion. If you have your bike out in the weather a lot or you constantly travel on roadways and highways, your bike can show signs of corrosion a lot faster than most. A powder-coated finish is baked onto the metal of the bicycle frame through a curing process. Therefore, the finish becomes like a sealed protecting layer on the bike that will help prevent corrosion. 

Powder coating helps your bike retain its resale value. 

You can invest a lot of money in a good bicycle, and that is money you will want to mostly recoup if you decide later on that you want a different model. One of the greatest things about a powder-coated finish is it will last a lot longer than the typical paint job. Powder-coating is actually baked onto the surface of the metal, which means it will stay on place, it won't scratch as easily, and the bicycle will maintain its color a lot better. 

Powder coating on a bicycle is likely to mean a longer warranty. 

Good bicycles do tend to come with good warranties, but if you find a bicycle that has a warranty against surface damages and scratches, it is probably because it has a powder-coated finish on the frame. What this warranty means is the manufacturer is pretty confident in the fact that the finish is not going to be damaged easily. Therefore, you can be confident that the bicycle you are looking at is going to look just as good as it does on the shelf several years down the road. 

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