Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Glass Tempering Mistakes To Avoid

Leonard Campbell

Glass tempering is an art, but not an art of creativity, but instead, one of science. For this reason, you can have the best tempering machine, but still be unsuccessful in your efforts if you don't use the device properly. You must know the what and the why. Discover some of the mistakes that can lead to failure so that you can avoid them.

Not Basing Processing on Glass Style

Glass tempering is not a one-size-fits-all project. The type of glass that you are working with will heavily influence how you need to go about the tempering process. Start with an assessment of the thickness of the glass. If the glass is thicker, you don't want to expose the material to extremely high temperatures. 

The higher temperature causes the glass to go into shock, which will lead to huge cracks almost instantly. If the glass breaks, not only will you have wasted material, but you will have to clean out the machine before you can move on to the next piece of glass, which can low down your production. A minimum level of heat is typically best. 

Heating for Too Long

Glass operates in two universes, in that it's incredibly durable, yet incredibly fragile at the same time. Heat is always a factor that can send glass from durable to fragile almost instantly. Ensure you don't heat the glass for too long, as heat exposure can quickly damage the glass. 

Typically, the higher the temperature at which you temper the glass, the more the quality of the glass will lower. Heat is necessary to the tempering process, but you must be measured in terms of the level of heat you use. Whenever the task requires high heat levels, remember that you will also need to reduce the heating time.

Not Pre-Processing Correctly

Some tempering operators look at pre-processing as a minor step, but this statement couldn't need any further from the truth. Pre-processing is essential to the overall quality of the glass. Pre-processing includes everything from grinding to cutting to washing the glass. 

When pre-processing, ensure you keep quality in mind. For example, when you cut the glass, precision is essential. If you create any type of imperfection in the glass during this process, the glass will be more likely to break when it's tempered. 

Ensure you know exactly what you're doing ahead of time. However, equally important is that you ensure the tempering machine is in good working order. If you experience any problem with your device, contact a professional service, like TSS - Sales & Service, for assistance. 


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