Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Industrial Heating: Is Your Air Filter Causing You Problems?

Leonard Campbell

If you're constantly battling dust, freezing temperatures, and even large quantities of mold in the winter, contact an industrial heating specialist fast. You could have a problem with the air filter in your heating system. Clogged, torn, or even improperly fitted air filters can wreak havoc on your furnace in the winter. Learn more about commercial air filters and how they can affect your heating system below.

What Should You Know About Industrial Air Filtering Systems?

Factories, food plants, and other industries rely on their heating systems to keep their employees, goods, and production area safe in the winter. However, heating systems, such as industrial-grade furnaces, can experience a host of issues in the cold season, especially if they have bad air filtering systems.

Your industrial air filtering system must be large, sturdy, and thick enough to clean, protect, and vent the air inside your building. The filtering system must also fit the dimensions and needs of your furnace. If your air filtering system doesn't meet the requirements above, it won't clean and vent your air properly. The air moving inside your factory can quickly become drafty, stale, and contaminated with mold spores, dust mites, and even germs.

A dirty or bad air filtering system can also damage your industrial heating system. Commercial grade furnaces contain specialized motors and blowers to operate properly. However, dust can collect on the inside and outside of your furnace's parts and prevent them from creating and moving heat through your building. The debris will eventually cause the furnace's motor to overheat and burn out. You can avoid this issue, as well as the issues above, by checking your furnace now.

What Should You Do About Your Air Filtering System?

If possible, turn off your heating system and check the air filtering system inside your furnace. If the filter or its compartment contains large quantities of dust and mold, remove it from your furnace immediately. Now, inspect the surfaces inside your furnace for debris. If you see debris around the furnace blower and other components, call a heating specialist right away for further assistance.

The first thing an industrial heating contractor or company may do is clean out your furnace. A contractor or company won't be able to inspect your industrial furnace properly until they clean it. If debris damaged the parts inside your industrial heater, a company or contractor will repair the appliance as soon as possible. If the debris from the air filtering system didn't damage the blower, motor, or other parts, a company may not need to do anything else but change the air filter.

If you need help changing the air filtering system inside your furnace, contact a commercial heating company today, like Mercury Tec.


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