Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Make Almost Everything In Your Home

Well Pump Problems You May Need To Repair

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Problems with your water well pump can be a major concern as it can represent a problem that could lead to the home being without water. While well systems are designed to be as reliable as possible, it is possible for some problems to lead to disruptions that will have to be repaired by a professional.

Clogs In The Well Pump

Clogs can be issues that lead to an immediate impact on the performance of a well pump, but they can also be a problem that leads to permanent damage occurring to the system. When there is a clog present, the well pump will be more likely to burn itself out. Once this occurs, a total replacement will be needed to restore the functionality of the well. Often, these clogs can occur due to the water source decreasing. If this is the case, the well may need to be drilled deeper to prevent the pump from sucking up a lot of mud while it is in operation.

Leaks In The Lines Leading To The Storage Tank

The well pump system will use a storage tank to ensure that the home has water on demand. To keep the tank full, a sensor will measure the amount of water in the tank and activate the pump when it is below full. If there is a leak in the supply line that runs from the pump to the storage tank, it could cause the pump to have to run nearly continuously to be able to fill the storage tank. A warning sign that this problem is occurring could be the home lacking water pressure despite the pump running. If this occurs, the leak will have to be found and patched to keep the pump from damaging itself. Additionally, it can be advisable to have a diagnostic assessment done to the pump after this issue to ensure that it did not suffer damage.

Collapsing Shaft

A collapsing well shaft can pose an imminent danger to your property and the pumping system that is supplying your home with water. While the well shaft will be reinforced to prevent it from collapsing, it can be possible for root intrusions, seismic activity, and flooding to degrade it to the point where it may start to collapse. If you notice the ground near the well system becoming noticeably lower than the surrounding areas, the well shaft should be inspected to determine whether it needs repairs and reinforcement to restore its integrity.

For more information, contact a well pump repair service.


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